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DC, hub, IRC, channel, link, linker, hublink, direct connect, NMDC, ADC, bot, chat, chatlink, neo-modus direct connect, advanced direct connect, DC++

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Project description:
NetChatLink is a small application that links chats across multiple DC hubs and IRC channels. It includes support for the ADC protocol, IRC channel keys, chat filtering, per-user settings, op commands, and more.

Link the chat from multiple NMDC hubs, ADC hubs, and IRC channels together.
Control the bot with text commands sent via private messages.
Can automatically detect OPs and allow them to control the bot.
User control panel allows for easy adjustment of user permissions and settings.
Block messages with certain words, or sent from certain users.

Licensed under the GNU GPL 3 with parts under the MIT License.
Download it for free from the sourceforge project page.